Heavyweight Sound: A Blood And Fire Sampler

Real Gone Crazy Dub - King Tubby & The Aggrovators
Jah Is I Guiding Star - Tappa Zukie & The Aggrovators
Falling Dub - Prince Philip & The Musical Intimidators
Marcus Children Suffer - Burning Spear & The Black Diciples
Black Heart - Keith Hudson & Soul Syndicate
Problems - Horace Andy
Problems Dub - Horace Andy & Prince Jammy
Rock Vibration -Yabby U & King Tubby's
War & Friction - I-Roy & The Aggrovators
Living Style -Yabby U & King Tubby's
Black Right - Keith Hudson & Soul Syndicate
Judgment Dub - Prince Philip & The Musical Intimidators
Marcus Say Jah No Dead - Burning Spear & The Black Diciples
Dub Fi Gwan - King Tubby & The Aggrovators
Beginning with the release of If Deejay Was Your Trade in 1994, Blood & Fire continually set and maintained the highest standards around in the reggae reissue market. Here was a label concerned first and foremost with creating a product of such quality that future revisions would be entirely unnecessary; a label that insisted on paying both artists and producers of the music. From Intro's exquisite design work, and Steve Barrow's liner notes, to the music itself, these titles screamed essential. Drawing on the first seven titles, the '70s roots, dub, and DJ cuts gathered on Heavyweight Sound are the aural proof. If Deejay Was Your Trade captured a group of the era's finest mic men riding producer Bunny Lee's rhythms (as dubbed by King Tubby). The collaboration is represented here by I-Roy's eye-opening plea 'War and Friction' and Tappa Zukie's pained 'Jah Is I Guiding Star.' Tubby also gets his hands on vocal and instrumental cuts from Lee's catalogue ( 'Real Gone Crazy Dub,' 'Dub Fi Gwan' ) as well as the work of producer Yabby You. Examples of the latter include the flying cymbals of Michael Rose's 'Born Free' ('Rock Vibration') and the Tommy McCook sax cut 'Death Trap' ('Living Style'). Further dubs come courtesy of Keith Hudson (including the dizzying 'Black Right') and Prince Phillip (the Tubby apprentice who handled Tappa Zukie's dubs), while inimitable vocalists include the superb stylist Horace Andy and impassioned roots singer Burning Spear. Though samplers can often be a mixed bag, Heavyweight Sound is satisfyingly consistent. It's highly recommended, but so are all the full-length albums. If you need an introduction, buy this and then begin chipping away at this label's exceptional catalogue.
Nathan Bush - All Music Guide
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