Freedom Sounds In Dub - King Tubby & Soul Syndicate

Ethiopian Version
Leaving Babylon Dub
Dub The Right Way
Salty Dub
Seaview Corner Rocking
Dub Of Righteousness
Great Stone
Empty Vessel Dub
Israelite Children Dub
East Avenue Skank
Tinsen Pen Dub
King Tubby's Key
Jah Is Coming In Dub
Confusing Dub
Top Line Special
The story of Freedom Sounds began in the ghetto of Greenwich Town, Western Kingston, in 1975. Label founder / producer Betram Brown (born February 17th 1950) took singer Philip Frazer into the studio with the local band, Soul Syndicate, led by guitarist Earl 'Chinna' Smith. The first release was called 'This Time Won't Be Like The Last Time'.

Over the next five years Bertram would record some of the most intense roots music of the decade, with singers like Prince Alla, Earl Zero, Rod Taylor, Frankie Jones, Milton Henry, Sylvan White, Roy Palmer and Sammy Dread, most of whom were based in Greenwich Town. Bertram also used the studio of the dub originator King Tubby for voicing and mixing. All Freedom Sounds dubs were mixed by the King himself. Often Bertram and friends would have to lock themselves in with Tubby - the studio was located near to a gully which marked the boundary between two warring political zones. The results of those sessions are presented here, remastered, for the most part, from the original tapes. The heavy Soul Syndicate rhythm tracks - all, incidentally, original rhythms purpose-built for the songs - presented Tubby with an ideal opportunity to manifest his singular powers of reinvention in serious dubwise fashion. Check, for example, the dub to Prince Alla's 'Stone', here called 'Great Stone'. Tubbs himself contributed the rolling thunder effect to this stunning mix. Bertram recalls asking King Tubby to 'Roll the stone, Tubbs, roll the stone' during the mix. This dub prefigures the so - called 'jungle' style with its startling use of delay to create a double speed rhythm. It's one of Tubby's best-ever mixes and a defining moment in the history of dub.

Versions of many of the best-loved Freedom Sounds hits are included in the selection (see following key). Although it is nearly twenty years since this music was recorded and mixed, the creativity of everyone involved ensures its continuing power. Blood and Fire is proud to present 'Freedom Sounds in Dub' - the very first Freedom Sounds dub album.
Steve Barrow - April 1996
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