Dubwise & Otherwise

In The Ghetto - Big Joe
Wreck Up A Version - Prince Jammy & The Aggrovators
Michael Talbot Affair - Keith Hudson
Institution - Burning Spear
Jah Love Dub - Yabby U & King Tubby's
Government Land - Horace Andy
Dub MPLA - Tappa Zukie
Children Crying - The Congos
African People (3 in 1) - Jah Stitch
Ethiopian Version - King Tubby & Soul Syndicate
One Man Dub - Scientist -
King Tubby's In Fine Style - King Tubby
Bucket Bottom - Prince Alla
Assack Lawn No.1 Dub - Glen Brown & King Tubby
Look A Boom - I Roy
Concord - Morwell Unlimited Meet King Tubby's
Good Vibes - Horace Andy
Excellent budget-priced compilation overview of the first five years of Blood & Fire records, featuring heavyweight roots reggae dubs, vocal and deejay tracks. The deejays presented are the legendary I-Roy, and the lesser-known Big Joe (riding Johnny Clarke's version of "Satta Massagana") and Jah Stitch (who "toasts" a sentence beginning with each letter of the words A.F.R.I.C.A., Z.I.O.N. and I.T.H.I.O.P.I.A. !)

The dub selection is dominated by King Tubby mixes: Rod Taylor's "Ethiopian Kings" ("King David, he was a black man / King Solomon, he was a black man...") is epic, and "Concord" by the Morwells is quite unnerving and intense with a creepy piano line and random snatches of vocal. Prince Jammy also shines with his dub of Leroy Smart's excellent "Trying To Wreck Up My Life", whilst "Michael Talbot Affair" is Keith Hudson's saxophone-led dub of Delroy Wilson's "Adisabab" (itself an adaptation of "House Of The Rising Sun").

Vocal highlights are "Children Crying" from the impeccable Congos' album "Heart Of The Congos" (featuring soaring-heavenward harmonies, and the infamous "mooing cow" effect) and Prince Alla's poignant and beautiful "Bucket Bottom", featuring adages like "Everyday bucket go a well, one day the bottom must drop out. Never gonna miss that water until the well runs dry..."

This is a quality compilation from a quality record company with impeccable taste in 70's Jamaican reggae music. Get this and you will buy the albums the tracks come from, guaranteed.
L. Kelly - Amazon review
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