Sounds And Pressure Volume One

Barbican Dub - Keith Hudson
Problems -Horace Andy
Ras Menilik Congo (Harp) - Augustus Pablo
Red Blood - Black Skin The Prophet
Mansion Of Invention - Prince Far I
Black Belt Jones - Keith Hudson
Tribal War -Little Roy
Sinners - Keith Hudson
Bass Age - Prince Far I
Same Song - Israel Vibration
King Tubby's Dub Song - Augustus Pablo

1. Barbican Dub - Keith Hudson
Rightfully given its correct title here but listed on the 'Brand' CD as 'Darkness Dub' (see Pressure Sounds PSCD0004). This joyful track was contemporary with Keith Hudson's other tunes for 'Rasta Communication' but did not make the transition from its dub precursor 'Brand'.

2. Problems - Horace Andy
A classic Horace Andy tune which he recut for his own awesome 'In The Light/Dub' set, presented here in its original form, production by Leonard 'Santic' Chin and mix by the great Errol Thompson. To be found with other tunes from the same period on 'Santic & Friends (PSCD001).

3. Ras Menilik Congo (Harp) - Augustus Pablo
A melodica dub cut of the Hugh Mundell tune 'Run Revolution A Come', the vocal version can be found on the album 'Africa Must Be Free by 1983'. 'Revolution Dub' is the Jammys version on the companion dub album. Unreleased to date on CD.

4. Red Blood - Black Skin The Prophet
Originally released as a 7" pre in Jamaica on Prince Far I's own Cry Tough label, the rhythm on this tune is traced in dub as 'Good Music Brother' on Prince Far I & The Arabs 'Dub To Africa' (PSCD002). First release on CD.

5. Mansion Of Invention - Prince Far & The Arabs
The closing track from Chapter III of the legendary Cry Tuff Dub Encounter series. This vintage classic is slated for re-release by Pressure Sounds in 1997 (PSCD007). In which the Prince leads the Arabs (aka the Radics) through an ultra-tuff outing including vocal contributions from the Slit women and various bleeps and whooshes from Toop & Beresford.

6. Black Belt Jones - Keith Hudson
This 1974 cut originally issued as a 7" on Faith is an example of what can now be seen as a whole sub-genre of Reggae which ran mainly from the late 60s through to the early 70s - blaxploitation reggaexploitation - of which Lee Perry and Derrick Harriott were amongst the leaders. The DJ sounds like Jah Youth but we are assured it is not he!

7. Tribal War - Little Roy
An underrated artist who occupies a top spot in the premier division of hardcore righteous roots singers for his ultra-cultural song content and impassioned vocal delivery. This early 70s classic from Little Roy, still versioned today, can be found on the scheduled Pressure Sounds release 'Tafari Earth Uprising' (PSCD006) - virtually a 'Best of Little Roy'.

8. Sinners - Keith Hudson
The lyrical content of this track probably prevented its vinyl release at the time it was cut. On the rhythm of 'I'm No Fool' from Rasta Communication', the dub version can be located as 'Image Dub' the opening track of 'Brand' (PSCD004). Unreleased to date in any form.

9. Bass Age - Prince Far I & The Arabs
Lifted from the 'Dub To Africa' CD (PSCD002) - a rerelease of the original Hitrun album with two bonus cuts.

10. Same Song - Israel Vibration
Title track of the original album recently retrieved by Pressure Sounds (PSCD003), but with an extended version on the reissue - and bonus cuts of 'Crisis' and 'Crisis Dub'.

11. Tubby's Dub Song - Augustus Pablo
A Pressure Sounds personal favourite to conclude this sampler, licensed from Pablo for the occasion.

All material © Copyright Pressure Sounds