Sounds And Pressure Volume Two

The Mighty Diamonds - Poor Marcus
Little Roy - Columbus Ship
Don D Junior - Thriller
Morwell Esquire - In God We Trust
Earth And Stone - In Time To Come
Prince Far I & Mike Brooks - Who Have Eyes To See
The Upsetter - Shepherd Rod
Shorty The President & Enos McLeod - Jestering
The Mighty Diamonds - Shame And Pride
Prince Far I & The Arabs - The Right Way
Israel Vibration - I'll Go Through

1. Poor Marcus - The Mighty Diamonds
Not only one of the finest but also one of the most successful Jamaican vocal harmony groups of all time. With only the odd solo outing Bunny, Tabby and Judge have worked together as a unit for over twenty years providing reggae fans with the sweetest mix of lovers and roots tunes. Another group out of the Channel One studio, the songs from their 'Right Time' album on Well Charge perfectly captured the ambience of the times back in 1976 - a set that still sounds fresh today. This selection is the Well Charge 7" version of the tune that appeared on 'Right Time' as 'Them Never Love Poor Marcus'. The tunes licensed from Jo Jo Hookim on this release preface a hardcore Channel One compilation from Pressure Sounds.

2. Columbus Ship - Little Roy
Earl Lowe was renamed Little Roy by Prince Buster. A roots singer of classic proportions in quality of output rather than quantity - a rare thing in the reggae business - Little Roy is responsible for such classics as 'Prophesy' and 'Tribal War' (both to be found on 'Tafari Earth Uprising' - Pressure Sounds PSCD006). Here we feature 'Columbus Ship' originally released as the title track of a UK Copasetic album by the singer in 1978. Little Roy is currently completing an album for On U Sound slated for release in September 1996.

3. Thriller - Don D. Junior
Vin Gordon aka Don Drummond Junior slides his trombone through the title tune of the Augustus Pablo album produced by Enos McLeod. Released in the UK on the Echo label in 1980.

4. In God We Trust - Morwell Esquire
Childhood friends from the Ghost Town area of Kingston, Morris 'Blacka' Wellington and Eric 'Bingy Bunny' Lamont formed the Morwells in 1973. Blacka was at one time the in-house producer at Joe Gibbs and lays claim to the initial success of the mighty Culture. Bingy Bunny was second lead for the Revolutionaries and went on to form the Roots Radics - the driving force behind the movement of reggae rhythms from the seventies to the eighties. This selection was released on the Black Lion label in the UK, voiced by Blacka, drum and bass are courtesy of Sly and Robbie.

5. In Time To Come - Earth And Stone
Albert Bailey and Clifton Howell, together known as Earth & Stone, began their careers like so many other Jamaican artists - singing and playing at Studio One. In 1973 they moved on to and recorded mainly for the Hookim brothers' fledgling Channel One imprint, scoring a series of hard roots hits with the militant sound that was to become the trademark of the label's output - all underpinned by the revolutionary drums of the great Sly Dunbar. Their vocal and dub set 'Kool Roots' originally released in the UK via Cha Cha, on which this track is featured, remains as a fine testament to the talents of this underrated duo.

6. Who Have Eyes To See - Prince Far I & Mike Brooks
Released on Far I's Cry Tuff label in Jamaica in late 1978, this is a joint production by the Prince and Mike Brooks. The rhythm was recorded at Channel One then voiced and mixed at Tubby's. Amongst the players are Carlton 'Santa' Davis on drums, Aston 'Family Man' Barrett on bass and Gladdy Anderson on keyboards. This selection prefaces a release featuring Mike Brooks' production on Pressure Sounds.

7. Shepherd Rod -The Upsetter
A stone classic Upsetter dub on the vocal cut by Lloyd & Devon, 'Wolf Out Deh' originally (now available on the Pressure Sounds Upsetter production compilation - 'Voodooism' PSCD009). Of all the dubmasters Perry was undoubtedly the most innovative, whether this was achieved by chance, genius or unearthly intervention remains a matter of conjecture - but was probably a combination of all three!

8. Jestering - Shorty The President & Enos McLeod
Shorty The President hit with a 'Real Rock' version 'Natty Pass Him G.C.E.' for Joe Gibbs and riding the Uniques 'My Conversation' a toast entitled 'President A Mash Up The Resident'! Here he joins Enos for a quirky DJ ride on the 'Jestering' rhythm also to be found on the 'Thriller' album as 'Pablo Nu Jester'. Released as a 7" pre on Micron in Jamaica and in the UK via Nationwide.

9. Shame And Pride - The Mighty Diamonds
Another tune, a reggae lovers standard, from this great vocal group. Produced by Pat Francis aka Jah Lloyd at Randy's for eventual issue as a 7" on his Immortal Teem label.

10. The Right Way -Prince Far I & The Arabs
From the album 'Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter One' originally released on the Hit run label in the UK in 1978. Featuring Errol 'Flabba' Holt on bass and the lead melodica is from Pete Stroud aka Dr Pablo. This set of ultra tough version has not yet been re-released - a piece of work keenly awaited by the fans of the late Prince. Due for release on Pressure Sounds in early '97.

11. I'll Go Through - Israel Vibration
From the legendary set 'The Same Song' (Pressure Sounds PSCD003) dating back to 1978. Although the trio of Skeleton, Apple and Wiss have continued to record and play live since the seventies, it is generally acknowledged that they have yet to surpass the brilliance of the material and performances contained on their debut album.

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