Carlton Patterson & King Tubby - Psalms Of Drums

King Tubby's - Psalms Of The Drums
Dillinger - Healing Stream
Bobby Kalphat - Liberation Front
King Tubby's - Sabotage
Michael Scotland - I Hold The Handle
Trinity - Natty Contractor
Ray I - Weatherman Skank
King Tubby's - King At The Controls
Dillinger - Stumbling Block
King Tubby's - Page One
Carlton Patterson - Wash Wash
King Tubby's - Watchman Dub
Michael Scotland - Love Is A Treasure
Carlton / Lloyd Parks / Trinity - Let Me Go Girl (Discomix)
Trinity - Internal Feeling

Surprisingly this is the first ever compilation of material from the highly collectable Jamaican Black & White label. Carlton Patterson's distinctive roots productions, coupled with the engineering genius of King Tubby, resulted in a catalogue of sounds much sought after by collectors over twenty years. The tracks included here afford an overdue perspective of this neglected producer's output with vocals, toasts, instrumentals and dub versions which have achieved permanent status as part of the great wealth of Jamaican music.

Carlton Patterson was born into a family of no obvious musical pedigree or inclinations. His father was a businessman a building contractor, as is Carlton today in his present home in the borough of the Bronx, New York City. However, like so many other youths, Carlton fell prey to the sway of the times in the 60's and after school would make his way down to Hope Street and Brentford Road and hang out at the studios there. Encouraged by Gladstone 'Gladdy' Anderson he eventually made use of time at Studio One cutting a few demos for Mr Dodd, 'Repatriate' being issued as a 7" in the early 70's under the guise of the Three Destroyers.

The business sense of his father must have been inherited by the young Carlton as he was determined to do things his own way and avoid offering up what talent he had for exploitation by the Kingston pharmaceutical company he began saving money to finance his own musical aspirations. His first venture into the studio was to produce one of the great rhythms of the 70's 'Psalms Of Dub' engineered by the great Errol Thompson at Randy's studio, Carlton hired some of the hottest studio musicians including Sly, Robbie and Ansel Collins. Sly Dunbar is still respected by Carlton as another generous friend who offered help and advice in the early days.

The generation of the 'Psalms' rhythm provided Carlton Patterson with an introduction card to the man who would become one of his best friends, his greatest musical inspiration, his mentor, godfather and most critically the one who propelled his productions into legendary status the dubmaster himself, King Tubby. Paradoxically Carlton originally took the vocal of 'Psalms' 'Not Responsible' to King Tubby as it was cheaper to remix there! But he also knew that Tubby had the 'magic touch'.

'Not Responsible' was remixed into its dub version at 3am in the Waterhouse studio. The vocal was released under the name Carlton And Leroy (Brown). The label 'Black & White' was conceived as a 'unity thing' and the design knocked together by a friend of the producer a printer called Lloydie Campbell. A DJ version of the rhythm followed with Dillinger providing the toast to 'Healing Stream' and the version mutating into 'Psalms Of Drums' the title track of this compilation. The rhythm turned out to be Carlton's most popular production and as was common for the favourite rhythms of the era 'it kept coming around again and again, breaking out in different areas'.

Most of the sessions at Tubby's were timed for the early hours of the morning for commercial purposes and Carlton recalls: 'We were in the studio at about three o'clock one morning when the rain came down real heavy, which is why we called the track we were working on 'Weatherman Skank'!' The song pays tribute to Mohammed Ali, Pele and Michael Campbell, the latter being none other than the soon to be famous Mikey Dread. Carlton remembers Mikey as being shy in the studio, but he recognised his talent and gave him the encouragement to ride the rhythm thereby kick starting his recording career. The version of this Ray I toast is also included on this collection and stands as one of the great King Tubby trademark dubs 'King At The Controls'.

The mysterious Michael Scotland, who sings two tunes on this set, is in fact Carlton himself. He assumed this 'nom de disque' with the belief that the device would secure more radio play as DJ's were often less inclined to air a tune by someone who was both producer and artist! Apart from Randy's, Carlton would also produce the straight rhythms at the then hot Channel One studio with Jo Jo Hookim at the desk, and also occasionally Dynamics, but the dubs usually went to Tubby's where Philip Smart, Jammy and the young Scientist were all vying at the controls.

Apart from Sly & Robbie and Ansell Collins the other main musicians involved in the sessions were Flabba, Gladdy, Sticky, Skully and Ranchie. Carlton Patterson would pride himself on his business like appearance, always well dressed his presentation commanded respect. But one time he ran out of money and was at a loss to find a way to keep his label business running, he recalls how he went to see Tubby saying 'I don't really like to bother you Tubbs' and before the words were out of his mouth Tubby had four hundred dollars cash out of his wallet and was pressing into his hand! This incident remains clear in Carlton's memory today and is testimony to the unique relationship which existed between the two men. Hopefully this present compilation will not be the last to feature their unique collaborations.

Ron Eagle. December 1996

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