Sounds And Pressure Vol.3

Jackie Mittoo - Disco Jack
Alton Ellis - Too Late
The Techniques - Purify Dub
Big Joe - Santic Way
King Tubby - King At The Controls
Mike Brooks- Woman Of Shiloh
The Overnight Players - Shaka The Great
Gladstone Anderson - Holy Mount Zion
Prince Far I - Brother Joe
Jackie Mittoo - Disco Jack (Version)

Disco Jack - Jackie Mittoo
As the youngest member of the legendary Skatalites Jackie Mittoo learned a lot in a short time. His subsequent career was mainly distinguished by a series of legendary recordings for Mr Dodd at Studio One - so much so that he can now be regarded as a one man rare groove generator! During the seventies he cut a series of albums for producer Bunny Lee, all released in the UK on the Third World label. 'Disco Jack' is lifted from 1977's Hot Blood (the follow-up was 'In Cold Blood'!) on which Jackie was accompanied by the Aggrovators with the final mix courtesy of King Tubby. A true dancefloor killer which stands comparison with any of his earlier classics.

Too Late - Alton Ellis
Originally a soul-pop ballad entitled 'Too Late To Turn Back Now', and a million seller for the Florida-based Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose (released in the UK on the group's eponymous United Artists album in 1971). This is a Clive Chin production previewing an entire collection of vocal cuts from the producer, scheduled on Pressure Sounds for early 1998. The rhythm is probably better known to reggae fans from the Augustus Pablo melodica instrumental version on the 'This Is Augustus Pablo' album (first out on the Kaya label in Jamaica but now freely available in CD format).

Purify Dub - The Techniques
A classy dub of a classical spiritual tune 'Purify Your Heart' by Johnny Osbourne, produced by the great Winston Riley with on board assistance on engineering from Soljie. This version can be located with nineteen others of similar vintage and quality on the Pressure Sounds release 'Techniques In Dub' (PSCD015) - basically a reissue of the 'Meditation Dub' album with ten extra tracks.

Santic Way - Big Joe
Vintage reggae contribution from producer Leonard Chin. This DJ version by Big Joe is not to be found on the debut Pressure Sounds release 'Santic & Friends' (PSCD01), but both included on that set are the original instrumental by Augustus Pablo. 'Pablo In Dub' being the first release on the Santic label and the vocal cut from Horace Andy 'Children Of Israel'.

King At The Controls - King Tubby
A Carlton Patterson production first released as the version of Ray I's 'Weatherman Skank' on the producer's Black & White imprint. This slice of classic but restrained King Tubby is also to be found on the Pressure Sounds compilation of Mr Patterson's work 'Psalms Of Drums'.

Woman Of Shiloh - Mike Brooks
This tune was a favourite of the young Mr Sherwood at the time he was running around with Jah Woosh. The lyric was most probably 'inspired' like many other songs and instrumentals of the era by a contemporary western referencing the biblical 'Shiloh'.

Shaka The Great - The Overnight Players
From Pressure Sounds Channel One compilation 'Well Charged', this is a militant instrumental track with a horns chart straight out of 'Dirty Harry'. The location of the Channel One studio, Maxfield Avenue, was in a particularly dangerous area of Kingston, so much so that after nightfall and in session, the musicians would lock themselves in the studio to avoid craziness on the street spilling indoors - Hence the Overnight Players! probably the Revolutionaries by another name.

Holy Mount Zion - Gladstone Anderson
Although one of the great keyboard originators, Gladstone Anderson was not usually renowned for his vocal talents. here Gladdy steps out on this production from the team of Mike Brooks and Jah Lloyd.

Brother Joe - Prince Far I
It is difficult for us now to conceive a scenario where Prince Far I completed an album to the extent that the finished work is a given title - 'For Health And Strength' handed it to the record company who promptly 'lost' the master tape! That tape is now recovered and the album will be released by Pressure Sounds in 1988 with the permission of the late DJ's widow. From that set comes a typical diss from the Prince entitled 'Brother Joe', a version of Gregory Isaacs' 'Uncle Joe'. The 'Joe' in question being producer Joe Gibbs who had dealings with both artists. Apparently a 12" version of the tune with a different mix was out on Virgin's Frontline.

Disco Jack (Version) - Jackie Mittoo
Reprising this set's opening track with a stylish version of the maestro's instrumental which stays this side of a dub mix.

Steve Barker
On The Wire -September 1977

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