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Studio One Classics (SJRCD 096 - 2004)

The Skatalites - El Pussy Cat Ska
Carlton And The Shoes - Love Me Forever
Sound dimension - Rockfort Rock
Johnny Osbourne - Sing Jah style (Sing-Jay Stylee)
The Heptones - Pretty Looks Isn't All
Slim Smith - Rougher Yet
Lone Ranger - Automatic
Horace Andy - Fever
Prince Jazzbo - Back To School
The Wailers - Simmer Down
Burning Spear - Rocking Time
Alton Ellis - I'm Just A Guy
Sugar Minott - Oh Mr DC
Jennifer Lara - Consider Me
Don Drummond - Confucious
Michigan & Smiley - Rub A Dub Style
Sound Dimension - Full Up
Dennis Brown - No Man Is An Island
Clement 'Sir Coxsone' Dodd
26 Jan 1932 - 4 May 2004

This CD is both a celebration of the music of Studio One Records and a tribute to the late Clement 'Sir Coxsone' Dodd. Studio One produced literally hundreds of hits and this selection is a mere taste of, rather than the sum of, the label's hits. Often described as both the University of Reggae and the Motown of Jamaica, never were these phrases more apt than if we look at the number of artists who began their musical careers at Studio One and were nurtured by Sir Coxsone to have both hits and star status. Again there is not enough space on this album to include all the stars. For instance, The Wailers were just one of numerous vocal groups to attain greatness at Studio One: there is also The Cables, The Clarendonians, The Maytals and many many more. For Alton Ellis, there is also Ken Boothe. For Sugar Minott there is also Freddie McGregor, and so on.

Studio One's output spans over four decades, which are all represented here. Coxsone Dodd pioneered nearly every new form of Jamaican music as it developed over time. This album includes Ska, Dancehall, Roots, Rocksteady, DJ, Lovers and more.

We hope this album is a fitting tribute to Clement 'Sir Coxsone' Dodd and the foundation label of Reggae. And we hope you enjoy the music!

Lone Ranger
"This is Lone Ranger and I'm just making a tribute to Sir Coxsone Dodd, one of the greatest Reggae producers on the face of this earth. I've been working with Sir Coxsone from when I was 16 years old, went to school and he was standing by me and producing me. He is like a father and I will always remember Sir Coxsone Dodd. Original Studio One style".

Jennifer Lara
"I'd like to say Mr Dodd was very very great. Mr Dodd always sought greatness in his recordings. He teaches and I'd like to say he's missed, he's really missed. He was like a father figure to all of us. And I hope going on and on. Working with Mr Dodd was great for me, Jennifer Lara, because that is where my first album was recorded. And I'd like to say, Mr Dodd, you are missed, again and again. I give thanks to God for the study he showed me in the music. Because he always taught us, 'remember, study, work' you know he said 'you must rehearse properly, come back to the studio to get the things done'. You know, that is my tribute. Rest, him rest in peace. Well, Mr Dodd died while he was still working, because he never ceased to work. And I was so happy to be there with him when he passed away. I'm sure that that is a blessing. Give thanks. I hope that he rest peacefully. thank God."

Johnny Dizzy Moore (founding member of The Skatalites)
"Mr Dodd, he is a blessing to the Jamaican music fraternity, as he had chosen to invest his time, his energy and his money into a business that didn't have to bear fruit, but I think he was content enough that he had invested, and I know that he has gone to his grave pleased with himself because the music that he invested in has become world renowned: Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae. And I myself am very proud of him and the contribution that he has made in this business. I think that he'll be highly missed, now that he is gone. I know that he is missed. His name will live on forever in this business."

Sugar Minott
I knew Studio One spiritually before I knew Studio One physically, I grew up beside a dancehall and Sir Coxsone sound. So from that influence I used to love Studio One sound so much that I became a selector. As a sound selector this was my first involvement with getting to know Studio One music, you know like Heptones, Alton Ellis, Ken Boothe, the whole works, it was my whole life from a youth. When I became a solo singer all my desire was being at Studio One. So I went straight to Studio One and met Mr Dodd in 1972."

Marcia Griffiths
"Well I am saying that this man gave me the opportunity and he put in place the baton in my hand in 1964, a young little girl, and that is the greatest thing that he could ever do for me. Because he is responsible for where I am today, he gave me the opportunity, and I'm grateful and I'm thankful the he did when he did. He has contributed more than 90% to the music, because we find that even in the new school, everyone is doing the old school just the same, this generation and at the same time everyone is recording the old school music today. So he must have been doing something good. And I am just thankful that he gave me the opportunity."

King Stitt
"Though you are gone, Your memory lives on and on."

Alton Ellis
"Mr Dodd, he was just a workaholic and a musical genius. He cannot play a note, but his hearing and his vibes, his musical sense. He is a musical genius, that's the best way I can put it."

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