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 Studio One Dub Fire Special (SJRCD 324 - 2016)

Lourenço Marques
Callie Roots
Libra Dub
Better Dub
Rockers Hop
Roots Dub
Moving Dub
Just Can’t Dub
Meet 7 Million
Scorpio Dub
Dub Creation
Virgo Dub
This Race
Darker Black
Capricorn Dub
"Like shattered glass, shards of sound, displaced through time and place, dub is the science + technology of sound. Powerful and unstable creations that produce imaginary landscapes in the mind, visions of false memory and loss, separation and regeneration. Studio One, the heartbeat, the pulse of reggae, its essence travelling light years across generations, continents, chronologies, revisited, replayed, born-again, phoenix-like, spectre-like, omnipresent. The Dub Specialist suspends times, creates longing and melancholy as traces of human voice occasionally cascade down in the spaces between drum and bass.

Dub Fire Special brings you here 18 dub tracks that enter through the gates of humanity itself, straight into your heart, your very soul, mind + body as one, down-time experiments created in the Brentford Road studio sound laboratory, exploring the latest technologies to create the most fundamental and primal of emotions. Like a million dancehalls scattered across the Kingston cloudless nightscape, sounds pulsate, reverberate, echo through broken melodies, distilled to their very essence.

Water, air, fire + sound; analogue and digital technologies; ska, rocksteady, dub + dancehall; all is one - Studio One, the source, the foundation, the living soul of music.

Special thanks: Jackie Mittoo, Richard Ace, Earl 'Bagga' Walker, Cedric Brooks, Dennis Campbell, Leroy Sibbles, Eric Frater, Leroy 'Horsey', Freddie McGregor and all the other musicians who have contributed in making this album."

Music is by Sound Dimension, New Establishment, Roots Group, Brentford All-Stars, Soul Defenders and more.

By Dub Specialist.
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