TROJAN X-RATED BOX SET (TJETD048) - Society has traditionally frowned upon songs about sex although there are some that would say standards are slipping. Perhaps - dem nah get a slam!

From the early days of Mento and Calypso, when the mischievous lyricism of artists such as Count Lasher and Lord Kitchener proved immensely popular throughout the Caribbean, up to the present day, with the overtly sexual songs of dancehall artists, Lady Saw and Ward 21, 'slackness' has remained a constant and popular theme in Jamaican music. This is reflected in this, the biggest and best collection of Rude Jamaican sounds ever assembled on a single release. Included herein are lewd and licentious titbits from a surprisingly large number of well known Jamaican performers, from Lee 'Scratch' Perry to U Roy, while also featured are tasty morsels from lesser known acts, who prove their skill at serving up imagery suited solely for the more mature listener is no less adept. Culled from a decade spanning 1966 to 1975, a more thorough or stimulating collection of Jamaican naughtiness you'll unlikely to ever find!

The Recordings

In 1966 Lee Perry recorded 'Rub And Squeeze' with the Soulettes, an all female vocal trio that featured no lesser personage than Rita Marley, who alongside Marlene 'Precious' Gifford and Constantine 'Vision' Walker, provide a vocal climax to the proceedings. Mind you, Bob has been know to perform in a raunchy style with lyrics like 'Bend down low - let me show what I know' or 'She had brown sugar all over her buga wuga - I think I might join the fun - but I had to hit and run'. But back to the compilation, in 1967 Lloyd Charmers cut the much loved 'Bang Bang Lulu', a song that became a skinhead favourite at the discothèques, when the crowd would chant the unmistakable punch line; 'Lulu had a boyfriend, his name was Tommy Tucker, he took her down the alley, to see if he could...'... I'll leave the rest for you to fill in. The other hit from this year included here is Phyllis Dillon's unforgettable double entendre 'Don't Touch Me Tomato', a traditional tantalizing folk tale that was a favourite among the Jamaican community.

1968 was a good year for musical innuendos, with a series if risqué hits cut for the Jamaican public. These included Lee Perry and the Gaylets, who asked the less than innocent question 'How Come', Lloyd Parks and Wentworth Vernal, who as the Termites gave clear directions to 'Push It In' and the Tennors who appealed to rub and scrub the 'Khaki' (sic). In the same year, both Lord Power and Dermott Lynch, aka Calypso Joe, sang for 'Adults Only' a favoured melody that lent it's title to two now deleted compilations (TRLS 305/308), celebrating the inspirational hits that led to slackness in the early 90s. Two other songs from '68 are George Anthony's self-explanatory 'Cock Stiff And Hard' and that infamous story about a 'leaky roof in Max Romeo's bedroom', namely 'Wet Dream'. The ode to fantasy crossed over into the UK pop charts and remained there for 25 weeks without once being played on the radio, in spite of Max's dubious protestation.

In 1969 reggae music continued to maintain a high profile with the skinhead cult, resulting in the Trojan album 'Tighten Up Volume Two' (TJCCD017 now available with tracks) entering the album chart. Among the classic tracks featured on the LP was the Soul Sisters variation of 'Little Drummer Boy' entitled 'Wreck A Buddy', a song also covered by Prince Buster who had expressed his desire to 'Wreck A Pum Pum'. The third volume in the 'Tighten Up' series (TJCCD 026 also now available with bonus tracks) showcased another rude reggae hit, this time by Nora Dean who recorded the anecdotal 'Barbwire', an unconventional version of the Techniques' rocksteady hit, 'You Don't Care' that was later revived by the singer as 'Scorpion'. Who can forget the disturbing opening line 'I met a boy the other day, he got barbwire in his underpants'? Other examples of the slackness style at the close f the sixties include the palpable 'Open Up' by Clancy Eccles, and a song this writer can relate to: 'Mr Rhya', here performed by Lloyd Charmers, alongside Slim Smith and Jimmy Riley of the Uniques. Our final look at hits from 1969 is the racy 'Hold The Pussy', Kid Gungo's bawdy tale that provided the rhythm for the jay Boys' infectious instrumental, 'Jay Fever'. Beautiful!

The seventies began with Lloyd Charmers classic Trojan collection, 'Censored' (Lowbite LOW-l) that musically was without doubt the best rude reggae album on the market at the time. Notable tracks from the LP included his versions of Prince Buster's 'She Was A Rough Rider', and the Heptones' 'Fat Fat Girl' and an update of his earlier hit 'Birth Control'. The latter with its unusual introduction, 'Doris the pussy dirty - Doris go right in that bathroom and wash off that pussy right now!' directly inspired the Specials Two Tone chartbuster 'Too Much Too Young'. In the same year, the DJ daddy U Roy released 'Big Boy And Teacher (What Is Catty)', while also for the Treasure Isle stable, the appropriately named Sexy Girls performed 'Another Ride'. Our closing hits from 1970 include the Soulmates who perform the scorching 'Pussy Catch A Fire', complete with fire engine sirens, alongside Glen Adams and The Hippy Boys rarity 'I Want A grind'.

In 1971 Dave Barker and Ansel Collins dominated the charts with their number one hit 'Double Barrel', while the formers sometime sparring partner, Charlie Ace released, 'Grine Grine', a rare production by the late Theophilus Beckford. Wilburn 'Stranger' (now 'Stranjah') Cole recorded a series of fine duets with Gladstone Anderson and in addition to their sweet balladeering, cut a contentious ditty 'How Your Pantie Get wet', that demonstrated an earthy side to their repertoire.

As the success of Max Romeo's 'Wet Dream' inspired the risqué hits of 1970 and 1971, the producers in Jamaica realised the potential of sexy songs and by 1972 the market was almost swamped with rude reggae. Fast-forwarding to the late '90s, Marion Hall (aka Lady Saw) was widely hailed the queen of slackness, but she was certainly not the first, and while Nora Dean and Phyllis Dillon contributed to the style, Fay Bennett deserves a special mention. In 1972, Ms. Bennett (daughter of the late great saxman, Val) joined the aforementioned Charlie Ace for the hit 'Punnany' (while Ali G was still in nappies) and undertook the role of Ruby Robbins, a young innocent seeking work for a certain 'Mr Whittaker', aka 'Mr Wicked Cock'. Another unsung heroin was Patsy who joined Lloyd (Do It Sweet) for the appealing 'Papa Do It Sweet', a song that demonstrates how little has changed over the years, as in 1972 Patsy stated, 'Long time the woman no get no sweet bwoy - so I jus' smoke a spliff an' get real 'til you come'. Thirty years later, Ward 21 announced in similar style, @So I roll up a spliff and give her the marijuana - 'cos I wanna, wanna slam her'!

Other notable earthy hits in 1972 came from otherwise cultural artists such as Prince Williams' 'Action Wood' and Winston 'Niney' Holness, the Observer, who recorded 'Look Pon Pussy' as well as a duet with Max Romeo under the guise of the Observers, celebrating 'International Pum Pum'. The concluding hit from this period came from the producer Alvin 'GG' Ranglin who occasionally performed woth Alphonso Flowers - their best-known collaboration being the delicious 'In A De Pum Pum', a variation on a revivalist theme.

The ever liberal Fay returned the following year with another Rastafarian icon, the late Augustus Pablo for the melodica tinged 'Bedroom Mazurka' - cut over the rhythm of Keith & Tex's Rocksteady gem, 'Tonight' - whilst with Max Romeo she assumed the role of Liza for a humourous version of 'There's A Hole In My Bucket'. While such a vessel is not the most flattering description of every man's yen, under crutches seems equally inappropriate. In 1973 Max recorded a number of suggestive and not so suggestive hits, including 'Sexy Sadie' and an invite to the big twenty, '(I Wanna) Play With Your Pussy'. Meanwhile the vivacious Fay maintained a high profile with the 'Sex Grand National' alongside Lloydie 'The Matador' Campbell and 'Dub A Dawta' with leading DJ, Big Joe. While Ms. Bennett dominated the reggae charts, there were contenders such as Millie who joined Winston for the open-minded Mrs. Sonia Pottinger who produced 'Stop Baby'. Our final two hits in 1973 are from 'Pussy Cat' by Lloyd Charmers (under the guise of Lloydie & The Lowbites) and Leo Graham, whose 'Want A Wine' was produced by the less than innocent Mr. Lee 'Scratch' Perry.

And speaking of which, the enigmatic producer can be heard on the ultra-rare 'Want A Grine', alongside the ubiquitous Fay Bennett, who, by way of proving that the term 'slackness' was well established back in the early seventies, is credited as Melinda 'Slack'. The producer also recruited the Silvertones for the sweet 'Dub Your Pum Pum' and throughout the period covered in this compilation and beyond he has demonstrated a freethinking attitude to the celebrated act.

Finally, the still active Fabulous Five Inc. who backed Johnny Nash on his 'I Can See Clearly Now' album are perhaps best remembered by British audiences for the suggestive 'Shaving Cream', a recording that almost joined Max Romeo's hit by crossing over into the pop sensibilities of Britain's wider record buying public.

So there you have it - the songs that inspired nuff slackness from artists such as General Echo, Yellowman and the X-Rated Shabba Ranks. And now it's time to get ready for some of the sexiest sounds around and if the spirit moves you - remember every erection needs protection! Peace and Nuff Loving Tonight.

Stephen Nye




Birth Control
Lloydie & The Lowbites
Wet Dream
Max Romeo -
Wreck A Buddy
The Soul Sisters
Rub And Squeeze
Lee Perry & The Soulettes
Nora Dean
Bedroom Mazurka
Augustus Pablo & Fay
Open Up
Clancy Eccles
Big Boy And Teacher (Aka What Is Catty)
U Roy
She Want It
The Gaylads
Stop Baby
Millie & Winston
Charlie Ace & Fay
Hold The Pussy
Kid Gungo
Papa Do It Sweet
Lloyd & Patsy
Bang Bang Lulu
Lloyd Charmers
Play With Your Pussy
Max Romeo
Push It In
The Versatiles
Dub Yur Pum Pum
Lee Perry & The Silvertones

Want A Grine
Melinda Slack & Lee Perry
Fat Fat Girl
Lloydie & The Lowbites
International Pum Pum
Max & Niney
Grine Grine
Charlie Ace
Don't Touch Me Tomato
Phyllis Dillon
Want A Wine
Leo Graham
Another Ride
The Sexy Girls
In A De Pum Pum
The Flowers & Alvin
Pussy Catch A Fire
The Soulmates
Dead Buddy
Cock And Pussy
Adults Only
Dermott Lynch
Action Wood
Prince Williams
The Tennors
Dub A Dawta
Big Joe & Fay
Mr Rhya
Lloyd Charmers & The Uniques
Look Pon Pussy

Rough Rider
Lloydie & The Lowbites
Doctor Dick
Lee Perry & The Soulettes
Nora Dean
Hole Under Crutches
Max Romeo & Fay Bennett
Rub Up Push Up
The Termites
I Want A Grine
Glen Adams & The Hippy Boys
Cock Stiff And Hard
George Anthony
Mr Whittaker
Charlie Ace & Fay
Ram You Hard
The Bleechers
Adults Only (Aka The Big Race)
Lord Power
Horse Race (Aka My Dickie)
Derrick Morgan
Sex Grand National
Matador & Fay
Pussy Cat
Lloydie & The Lowbites
How Come
Lee Perry & Gaylets
How Your Pantie Get Wet
Stranger & Gladdy
Sexy Sadie
Max Romeo
Shaving Cream
Fabulous Five

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