TROJAN SKA BOX SET VOLUME 2 (TRBCD014) - In the late fifties, the Jamaican music industry underwent a revolution. The raw, New Orleans style of American Rhythm and Blues so favoured by Jamaican audiences had been in decline for some years and as a result, the island's sound system operators began producing their own music using local singers and musicians. Initially, producers relied upon the limited facilities available at the handful of small, basic recording studios scattered around Kingston, but in response to the increase in demand, more sophisticated set-ups such as those at Federal and later W.I.R.L. (West Indies Record Limited) were soon created.

At first, records were pressed up in strictly limited numbers and used specifically for sound system dances, but as demand to make them widely available grew, producers began running off larger quantities of the discs and started selling them directly to the Jamaican public. By the early sixties, operators such as Arthur 'Duke' Reid, Clement 'Coxsone' Dodd and Cecil 'Prince Buster' Campbell had become established as major producers on the island, earning substantial sums of money from the rapidly developing record industry.

Early Jamaican releases had little to distinguish them from the aforementioned style of American R&B, but by the late fifties, there were signs of a new musical style beginning to develop. The off-beat became increasingly accentuated by the rhythm section, eventually creating a shuffle style known as 'Jamaican Boogie' or 'Blues Beat'. Over the ensuing months, the trend continued, until the music was almost unrecognisable from American R&B - Ska had been created and for the next few years, it was to dominate the island's music scene.

By this time, the Jamaican music industry had developed at an incredible pace. Increasingly, producers not only made their own records, but owned their own studios, while the number of recording artistes had risen from a mere handful to hundreds. In addition, a number of entrepreneurs invested in new pressing plants - suddenly, releasing a record became a tangible proposition to anyone of reasonable means. And with British-based record companies spending relatively large sums of money to secure rights for the international release of Jamaican recordings, there seemed no end to the commercial possibilities. Many on the island took note and jumped on the bandwagon, with estimates for the number of singles released in Jamaica during this boom period ranging from hundreds to thousands.

But all good things must come to an end and following the blistering spring of 1966, Ska was finally supplanted by the slower, more lilting style of Rocksteady. For the next decade, Ska remained only in the memories of those who had lived through the era, but in the late seventies, it's slumbering spirit was reawakened by a new generation of musicians across the Atlantic. British bands such as The Specials, Madness, Bad Manners, The Selecter and The Beat successfully breathed new life into the genre, introducing it's infectious rhythms to a global audience. In the years since, Ska has continued to attract new followers and today, every continent has it's own contingent of protagonists.

This second set of original Ska classics picks up where the previous volume left off, featuring fifty vintage recordings from the late fifties and early sixties, performed by an array of vocal and instrumental talent. The material includes some of the best known recordings of the era, along with a number of lesser known sides, which appear for the first time on CD. But regardless of whether or not these tracks were hits first time around, you can be assured that each and every one of these classic recordings is of the highest quality. This is the original Ska sound at it's very best - accept no imitations!




The Hop
Derrick Morgan
Dragon Weapon
Don Drummond And Beverley's All Stars
Raymond Harper & The Carib Beats
Too Late
Lloyd Robinson & Glen Brown
Hey, Bartender
Laurel Aitken
What A Good Wood Man
Lee Perry
My Bride To Be
Winston Samuels
You Belong To My Heart
Lord Tanamo
Derrick Harriott
Sinners Got A Moaning Heart
Ewan McDermott & The Vibrators
Yeah Yeah
The Riots
Daisy I Love You
Jackie Estick
The Sounds
Really Now
The Dreamletts
Girl's Town Ska
Baba Brooks & His Band
True Confession
The Silvertones
Hurry Up
Lord Creator

Mattie Rag (Aka Ol' Matilda)
Lord Tanamo
Out Of Space
Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
The Ark
Justin Hinds & The Dominoes
Baba Brooks & His Band
Uno Dos Tres
Stranger Cole & Ken Boothe
Let's Jump
The Maytals
Chatty Chatty Woman
Amos Clarke
Garden Of Love
Don Drummond
You Are Mine
Clive & Naomi
The Girl Next Door
The Blues Blenders
Penny Reel
Eric 'Monty' Morris
Roy Shirley & Ken Boothe
Don't Call Me Daddy
Derrick Morgan
Tender Loving Care
Lyn Taitt & The Comets
Horrell Dawkins
Don't Bring Me Your Dreams
Ewan McDermott & The Vibrators

If You Were Mine
Lord Tanamo
Val Bennett & His Selected Group
Look Before You Leap
Derrick Morgan
Man In The Street
Don Drummond
My Days Are Lonely
Frank Cosmo
Raymond Harper & The Carib Beats
Street Corner
The Skatalites
Give Me Justice
Lee Perry
Darling Patricia
Owen Gray
On The Move
Roland Alphonso
The Ska
Jackie Estick
Honky Tonk Ska
The Granville Williams Orchestra
King Of Ska
Desmond Dekker & The Cherry Pies
Ska Jam
Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
Monkey Ska
Derrick Harriott
Wayward Ska
Lloyd Brevett
Candy Ska
Ewan McDermott & Primo Davidson

Time - 43:22

Time - 41:28

Time - 48:47

All material Copyright Trojan Records